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Upcycle this Earth Day.

Recycling is a meaningful way to celebrate Earth Day, and we are excited to announce that we accept donations of unused glassware, barware and Grandma’s old plates. Contributing to this initiative not only helps in reducing waste but also plays a vital role in conserving our planet's resources. By choosing to donate your unused kitchen items, you're making a decision that supports sustainability and promotes a healthier environment.

Every piece of glassware, plate, or silverware that is recycled means one less item ending up in landfills where it can take thousands of years to decompose. Your donation could be repurposed here in the restaurant, given a new life in another home, or recycled into new projects, demonstrating the incredible impact of giving such items a second chance.

We encourage everyone to look through their cabinets and drawers for unused, unwanted, mismatched items and consider donating them this Earth Day. Your contributions will not only declutter your home but also contribute to a larger movement towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. Let's work together to make a difference, one recycled item at a time.

Donations can be dropped off during business open hours. Please do not leave items outside the restaurant doors. Donations for upcycling only, no sales solicitations please. Items being accepted are glassware, mason jars, plateware, flatware, candleholders, and vases. Your small act of kindness can have a profound effect on our planet's health and future.

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