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A unique blend of traditional international and regional flavors is what you will experience at Sanctuaria Wild Tapas restaurant and bar. Sanctuaria is a place for people gather over amazing food, unique handcrafted cocktails and incredible atmosphere. 
You will be delighted by the flavors of Latin and South American regional cuisine – served with a modern twist.  As the seasons change, we will entice your taste buds and ignite your dining and cocktail experience with new seasonal items. 

Our unique cocktail selections are fresh and handcrafted to order by our well-trained mixologists.  We source from locally sustainable gardens the freshest botanicals and herbal- ingredients for cocktails, tinctures, barrel-aged spirits, and more! You will find some of the rarest bourbon in the area, with bottle and barrel allocations on some well-known and sought-after brands. With a cocktail club list of 150 selections ranging from classic to contemporary, plus a seasonal menu of cocktails and specials, you are sure to find out why we’ve been called “Cocktail Mecca”.

We are truly a “Sanctuary in the city”, complete with a charming and expansive outdoor patio, 19th century French Conservatory and Belgian Gazebo suitable for warm weather outdoor weddings, and other special occasions and events. 

The restaurant’s dining room displays many 17th and 18th century pieces of art from churches around the world alongside modern art pieces like the large tree sculpture proudly featured behind our bar.  Framed prayers painted on metal, dating over 450 years old hang in the main dining room. Come experience the ambience yourself and be ready to be enthralled!


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