The gentle art of gastronomy is a friendly one. It hurdles the language barrier, makes friends among civilized people, and warms the heart.

– Samuel V. Chamberlain

What are tapas?

Tapas are snacks, canapes and finger foods that come in many different forms and can vary from location to location. At Sanctuaria, tapas are small plates that are intended to be shared. Our tapas are served individually as soon as they are prepared to ensure our guests receive the freshest plates possible.

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Sanctuaria Menu

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Small Plates
Spanish Mussels One pound of Chilean wild caught mussels in a Spanish style red sauce 16

Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Spanish chorizo & pepper jack cheese; with apple chipotle sauce drizzle 11

Devil Bites Seasoned shredded pulled pork, cream cheeses, chopped jalapenos, rolled into a sphere & deep fried, with avocado-lime dipping sauce 10

Cabrales Cigars Spanish blue cheese & leek fondue, rolled into phyllo “cigars” then pan seared; accented with sherry-raisin sauce 12

Tostones House-made plantain chips; served with a side of black bean refritos and tangy citrus garlic herb mojo 10

Queso Blanco Melted white cheese with house made Mexican giardiniera & tortilla chips. (Add chorizo 3 or guacamole 2)

Guacamole Our Award-winning recipe served with tortilla chips. 7
(Make it paleo, sub plantains for chips! 1)

Vaca Frita with Chimichurri Shredded pan seared Angus steak served atop a warm potato puree; garnished with citrus herb sauce 13

Wicked Good Shrimp Gulf Coast shrimp, sautéed in spices; served with bread for dipping 12

Papas Fritas House fried potatoes, known to gringos as “French fries”, with Queso Blanco 8 (Add chorizo 3)

Frita Sliders Traditional Cuban pork & beef chorizo sliders topped with Monterey jack cheese & crispy Yukon gold potatoes; served on a Cuban sweet roll & garnished with chimichurri 11

Cuban Chicken Sliders Mojo battered chicken breast topped with bacon aioli, Monterey Jack cheese & crispy plantains 10

Platanos Mozzarella Baked plantains, topped with Mozzarella, finished with guava jelly 9

Chips and Salsa Best in town! 4

Seasonal Soup Made fresh daily. Check with your server for today’s soup option 8

Chicken Wings Crispy drummies and flats, tossed in a house made sweet and spicy chili-lime sauce. 11

Beggar’s Purse Crispy phyllo dough filled with seasoned pork, Monterey jack cheese, and tomato puree; served on top of risotto, accented with Chipotle drizzle 13

Larger Plates

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 Paella with Shrimp and Chorizo served with farm-fresh bell pepper and tomato on top of saffron rice 21

Zucchini Pasta Zucchini noodles, pancetta, grape tomatoes, leeks, white wine and a garlic parmesan cream 16


Dessert Special Check with your server for today’s dessert option 8

Serendipity Ice Cream Check with your server for today’s selections.7

Havana Bread Spiced Caribbean cake baked in vanilla custard, topped with rum raisin sauce, fresh baked to order 7

Churros con Chocolate House made churros with a hot Mexican chocolate dipping sauce 8