America’s 80 Best Bourbon Bars Announced!

If you’ve recently awaken from a 20 year coma, then the popularity of Bourbon amongst bar-goers is something you’d probably be surprised about.  For the rest of us, it’s no secret that bartenders have been shifting their customer’s drinking interest from vodka to Bourbon for a while which is one of the driving catalyst in the recent Bourbon boom. There are several really good Bourbon bars out there these days.  But we feel there are 80 bars in America who take their Bourbon obsession to another level with a combination of their selection, cocktail offerings and general knowledge of brown

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Sanctuaria named as one of the Top 55 Best Bourbon Bars in America

AMERICA’S 55 BEST BOURBON BARS Our 2013 List of the Top 55 Bourbon Bars in America Sanctuaria, St. Louis: Move over Anheuser-Busch, Sanctuaria is turning St. Louis into a Bourbon city. The spirits program is ran by Bourbon nut Matt Seiter, who regularly buys his own barrels from Kentucky distilleries. Although Sanctuaria tries to sell itself as a dive cocktail bar, Larry Rice says it’s no dive bar. “One of the first bars in the country to offer cocktails on tap and barrel aged cocktails,” says Rice who is a respected bartender in Bourbon Country. “This place is a gem

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