Cocktail Club

The Sanctuaria Cocktail Club is an exclusive club in which members will have the opportunity to not only order libations from a “Members Only” list, but receive discounts on any events, tastings, and seminars held at Sanctuaria, as well as receive discounts on retail items.

Registration for our Cocktail Club is easy!JacquisLastOne

1.  Complete our Membership Registration Form

2.  Pay the One-Time Membership Fee – just $20.00.

Membership Benefits

Once you have savored all of the cocktails and your card is fully marked, you will receive the following**:

**These benefits are for the member ONLY. No one else in the party, unless a member as well, can receive these benefits. Members are NOT to buy a drink off of the Club Cocktail List for any other person, nor can they receive a mark for a cocktail they did not drink themselves. Any infractions will result in cancellation of membership and all benefits